In the coming six months, US investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is expected to announce that its Quorum blockchain unit is merged with the big boxing company ConsenSys, according to Reuters reports.

Both companies are already negotiating this potential deal, citing a situation approved by The plan after the merger is to keep the Quorum brand and keep the technology open source, Reuters added, citing one source. No further details on the merger were provided.

JPMorgan internally created the Corum blockchain through the Ethereum Network (ETH), while ConsenSys was founded by Joseph Lubin, Ethereum’s founder. Reuters reports that J.P. Morgan has been considering Quorum for about two years.
bitcoin price live
It is reported that JPMorgan uses an inter-bank network, a payment network that includes more than 300 banks. The bank also said it would use a forum for issuing JPM coins.

In February, meanwhile, ConsenSys announced it would lay off about 14 percent of the workforce and that it would also be rebuilt. The company was said to separate the software development business from its manufacturing activities, and the reductions allow it to “better meet the needs of a centralized software development company,” he said.


Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival

Escape to Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival is a must see. It is the hottest in the world and with over 700 balloons floating in the sky at any given moment. It is also said to be the most popular cartoon anywhere in the United States or in the world.

There are many ways to get back there. Group tours are also provided but the unique way to stay home away from home is through the flow. With so many worthless opportunities, you'll enjoy a trip to New Mexico. With less than a million people, the state is one of the smallest in the country.

Many RV campsites are available. It is also possible to stand near the starting point and just throw a stone, in a symbolic way. M & # 39; s place, the parking lot is just walking distance to the drop-off point.

You can choose between a place with a dry area provided or a premium with less water and electricity. If you want to be close to the VIP launch action near the launch site. The Presidential team offers something else – the lively look of the place.

Hot & # 39; hot air balloons are also available. What is floating in a gondola or wicker basket is missing the sight of the & # 39; s land and mountains of Sandia. You can also help set up a balloon, packing after the plane but can't keep it. Tomorrowâ & # x20AC; & # x2123; Advanced balloon tours are offered throughout the year.

The Albuquerque combination is a fun game; pilots can make other arrangements to accommodate your special needs.

Hot air balloons are a beautiful thing. Made from nylon or polyester and coated with silicone or neoprene, the bag is just air-cooled from the burners. The & # 39; s baby balloons are taking on an amazing shape – a lifeless device popping up in a beautiful animal.

Balloons come in many shapes and sizes, with beautiful colors and textures. In the artistic section, artists showcase their artwork in their & # 39; s style. For balloons the unusual appearance of animals and household items a special balloon shape will not be missed. Then at night the balloons light up against the dark sky in the Balloon Glow and the Night Magic Glow shows.

Enjoy your trip to Albuquerque, the capital of the world.


Mexico Holiday Vacations Finally Began

Repeatedly in the past few months, major American publications such as the New York Times have warned of the war against Mexican leaders in this country. The war is estimated at 10,000 people lost each year in just four years. However, despite the issue of grave burial, public shootings, beheaded and robbed, in a way, by American college students at the end of the season, the inclination of cheap beer, the late sun, the sand and the waves have been trying to resist. It's amazing how parents let their kids travel the world – reading the news every day as they do, that in one city or another in the country, you get to witness to many people every day. Apparently, the 40,000 lost lives are what make people finally curious. The idea of ​​a cheap Mexican vacation is now starting to hit.

But even so, the hit has been less. The American Express tourism company, in a Wall Street Journal article, says it appears to be 15% short of tourists wanting to travel to Mexico. Mazatlán, Mexico's best beach resort in Mexico has seen only three cruises taking down the city. The state of Texas has been warning college students about how to take on war-torn sites like Acapulco and Cancun – both living in a complex & immoral environment. A Mexican commission to see the other side is calling all these American concerns to be stupid and false. If the government warning that college students in Texas should "avoid traveling to Mexico during Spring Break and stay alive", it may be understood that the Mexican government may be concerned about their tourism activity.

So is this required? Probably all the violence in Mexico forces Mexican citizens to use fire. In general, should American tourists staying in hotels & resorts have to be safe? This is exactly what the 110 American tourists who died in Mexico last year thought. The government estimates that many of those "foreigners" were drug traffickers or something else. But even if Mexican tourists keep you alive outside of Mexico, road riding and other less-than-unrelated crimes are often difficult. There are some warnings they give to tourists and those that may take some entertainment out of a Mexican holiday – warnings that say not to drink any beverage that is not open in front of you, to avoid drinking during the sunset and to walk in groups.

Is it time to give up the idea of ​​a vacation in Mexico? Look at it this way – Starwood is opening two new hotels in Mexico; and Hilton is opening six hotels later this year. She is confident that Mexico will solve her problems with the firm or she is confident that Americans do not care.


Dubai Vacation, Dream of All Travel and Travel

Situated in the southern part of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Region and surrounded by an imperial desert, Dubai attracts sunset tourists. Visitors plan their trip to Dubai to enjoy the top five stars and the opportunity to expand on their Arabian experience. Dubai, just the name alone is enough to get you to think of great architecture, beautiful beaches, beautiful deserts, fantastic commercial centers and business houses. Over the years, Dubai has been a joy to tourists and many people plan their Dubai vacation to take a vacation. But, have you ever thought about why a vacationer chooses Dubai packs and not anywhere else? Listed below are just a few of the reasons why Dubai travel is so appealing and enjoyable to people.


Dining in Dubai is sensible as well as tasting traditional Aramaic-inspired dishes that appeal to you. You can enjoy eating Shawrama, which is an ancient Dubai tradition, which is prepared and mixed with chicken or lamb with their traditional clock. Plus, there are other delicacies like Falafel, made with chick peas and spices that will delight you. You can also find international cuisine and restaurants that serve international cuisine. Trying a variety of restaurants with Dubai will not disappoint you and you can enjoy a full Dubai vacation.

Jewelry Store

The jewelery shop with their large and unique collection will only give you that. If you have promised to bring presents to your loved ones when you return from your Dubai vacation, there can be nothing more special than a beautifully decorated piece. This will not only represent your love and affection but will also present your trip to Dubai as the most fulfilling and most memorable.

Cultural Diversity

You will never be heard of your place once you start packing Dubai. You will see people from all races, cultures and countries living in Dubai in harmony, peace and harmony.

Excellent hospitality

Fun activities and hospitality in Dubai will make you happy. Dubai residents are friendly, friendly and helpful and you will always find them ready to help. Any tips you may need, will help you in any way to make your Dubai vacation as enjoyable and enjoyable as possible. So why wait? Book Dubai Package and have divine knowledge!


Cheap Flights from El Paso: Techniques at ELP Airport, Airlines, and Locations

Whether you're from El Paso or traveling, you can use the Internet to help you find airports. The ELP operates as a gateway to West Texas and north and south of New Mexico. You can fly to other parts of the country; there are six planes that fly in and out several times a day. It is often difficult to find cheap flights from El Paso to any part of the US.

If you want to fly to Vegas, Orlando, or San Diego, Allegiant Airlines offers many good deals. American Airlines provides unmanned airlines to major cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as international connectivity. Other airports that handle ELP include Southwest, Frontier, Delta, and United. Southwest Airlines is the top carrier out of ELP, delivering more than 1,200 flights per month.

If you want to travel to Dallas or other cities in NM from other places, decide if it would be cheaper to fly directly to or from El Paso and then on to Dallas. Since the flight schedule changes from day to day, you may want to vary your dates and times as much as possible. One day you can see that there are no cheap flights from El Paso to your destination, and the very next day there will be several to choose from.

The Most Influential Days of Resurrection From El Paso

Many travel experts recommend flying one day a week to get cheaper rates. For example, taking off mid-week and returning on Sunday or Tuesday gives you a good chance to get around. However, this is not always the case, especially on vacation, because you may want to review your options and compare prices.

ELP is a good airport, so you can enjoy yourself while you wait for the boarding system. There are many museums and art galleries, as well as a mall on the Main Floor, which can be accessed by a security guard. High speed Wi-Fi internet access is available at both ends.

Prices are determined by the airline itself and not at the airport. Sometimes you will find discounts and promotional codes from affiliate travel pages. Don't just look for cheap airline flights from El Paso – yang & # 39; book hotels + airfare combo. It is also possible to save on a full trip if you book everything at once.

You can find all of these packages and websites. Search tools and comparison tools are easy to use. You will find cheap flights from El Paso to almost anywhere you go.


Book Review – Base Camp Las Vegas: Hikes 101 Southwest Deborah Wall

"Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes & # 39; Southwest" by Deborah Wall is a helpful resource for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Wall is a well-known m & # 39; muse, conducting a prestigious travel and events conference and co-author and author of numerous travel and media outlets. Originally published in 2010, "Base Camp Las Vegas" became a bible for travelers in the area. "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the South & Southwest" is the revised edition and the book. This book focuses on 4 states of the state of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, especially places that are easily accessible from the Las Vegas area.

My husband and I are "newbie" travelers, with a few steps under our belts in Colorado and New Mexico, so I was eager to take this book and lighten everything that Wall offers to & # 39; The book begins with a section called Before You Fall In The Way, and it contains helpful tips for planning a trip. They range from what to wear, things to pack in a day pack, considering the weather, and water use, to tips on hiking with kids and what to do when encountering wildlife – like ratunesnakes!

From there the author entered direct areas and alternatives. After completing this one-way cycle, Wall highlights his first experience providing information about each climb, including ideal travel conditions, altitude and difficulty of climbing, elevated data, route alerts and directions. This is important because knowing in advance allows for proper planning, and those involved will greatly benefit from mastering what they have written. I really enjoyed reading about the meaning of history in so many areas, including what became famous and how each region got its names.

Aside from the amount of information found in this & # 39; s web pages, it is a pretty good book. An artist, the Wall also includes pages for each page of UNITED photos. The ideas that jump through the pages are enough to make you want to get your weapons out and get out – right away! Of course the highest quality production of any kind, there are many things to love about this book. Having already read it once, I am ready to go back to the page I saved to research and plan for our next trip. Anyway, I have to wait for my men to finish reading – they caught it when I wrote it!

I highly recommend "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the North & # 39; Southwest" by Deborah Wall for anyone who wants to travel, camp or just learn more about the area.


Sedona Travel & # 39; s Red Rock Country – Soldiers Crossing

Sedona, Arizona, famous for its red rocks, hiking, art and luxury destinations around the world goes on vacation to over 4 million people each year.

In the heart of West Sedona, surrounded by large pebbles and easy access, the Soldiers Pass. Famous for its design of the & # 39; tanks, Passing Soldiers is one of Sedona's finest travel destinations. It is easy to see why it is so common these days and how it should be helpful to Sedona residents. But one may wonder Who were the Soldiers Pass soldiers?

By the time the first white settlers arrived in Sedona, US troops had already surrounded the American Indians in the area and placed them in the San Carlos Reservation in New Mexico. General George Crook, (1829-1890), who headed the U.N. Military Ministry after the Civil War was responsible for maintaining peace with Native Americans in Arizona. A Fort Verde technician, (now Camp Verde), his clothes were & # 39; t hat the place was from Ft. Verde to Ft. Whipple, (now Prescott) and beyond on the Mogollon Rim.

In the hot months of the 1860s and 70s, General Crook and his men set up camp in what is now West Sedona. He called the place Wild Garden, the first English name for the village of Sedona. It was cool and full and sporty. From the laundry he had set up camp, he followed the old Indian route through the border of the & # 39; s mountain range he had taken to Dry Creek. There they used to fish and hunt and store food during the winter. Then, as the Indian diet began to decline, General Crook and his regiment marched into the Apache bedroom for the winter and destroyed the restaurant. Promising enough food, the Indians were forced to move in order to preserve it. General George Crook was responsible for clearing Apache over 1400 m & # 39; s area of ​​Camp Verde alone.

The washroom where General Crook and his troops were camped is now called the Washing- ton Guard and the route they used to reach their hunting ground is called Soldiers Pass. A few years later Sedona traders used this method to get their cattle out of the colony and to climb into the extra summer.

Nowadays, the Soldiers Pass is a popular route that is easily accessible by foot or jeep and has many search conditions. The main well, called Devil & # 39; s Kitchen, was created when an underground cage collapsed on its own in 1880. The early Sedona people reportedly heard a sound that sent heavy dust. The & # 39; toting & # 39; tiny toting & # 39; little ones are moving downwards and beyond 50 feet. The thick black varnish attached to the kitchen wall of the kitchen translates the designation of the Kitchen Kitchen because it resembles the remainder of the cooking stove. Early in the 1970's, a large stone, now known as the Grand Piano, fell on the side of the road. When a toilet was created, some say as a result of the earthquake in California, they took a large Cottonwood tree still growing today under a hole.

Not more than half a mile beyond the left lane, it is a similar alternative to The Seven Sacred Pools. These seven alas gluing the layers removed from the smooth rock and then down another. Throughout the year they will experience unrelenting rain and rain. They serve as well as watering holes for the & # 39; s wildlife habitat and water & # 39; s repositories. Some local spiritualists say that The Sacred Pools is an electric field similar to the surrounding zones and each pool represents one of the seven (powerful) chakras.

At about a quarter of a mile in length, the railroad turns to the right and rises to another structure: the Soldiers Pass Arches. The strings were made while the stone part was separated and made a drill. Three caves began to traverse the & # 39; s rock and form the columns. The hiking trail is a narrow and winding road. Two looks easy. Third can be achieved by walking on a non-stop road by looking at the children face.

In addition to nature attractions, Soldiers Pass offers unique rock art. Each part of the process has the potential to have many images. Some of the most popular instruments seen near the Passing Soldiers include Coffee Pot Rock, The Saddle and the Sphinx.

The main route of the Passing Soldiers extends about a mile further into the group and then climbs over the Brins Mesa to provide a spectacular view.

When traveling to Sedona Arizona, be sure to follow General Crook and his men. By foot or jeep, the Soldiers Pass journey is not to be missed.

Look for more articles in the "Watch for Red Rocks TM" article by Ann Galgano-Bellile


Treasure Hunting In New Mexico

With its rocky outcrops and rolling hills, it is no wonder that New Mexico is one of the most fascinating stories of hidden treasures in North America. The "Great West" was famous for the brazen bravery and insanity of the gangsters who handle trampling, chasing ships, and collecting treasures that were not discovered shortly after death. Other accounts tell of the settlers who discovered large sections of gold in the & # 39; mountains, that they had just died before revealing their exact location. He believes that many of these products are hidden across the country, waiting for the lucky ones to come.

One story from 1836 is about an old man named Adams. After being persecuted by the natives, Adams entered the town of Pinos Altos. Before his death from his injuries, Adams also pointed to a magnificent mountain in the northern part of town where gold was scattered everywhere, contaminated. M & # 39; s cage there were $ 7000 gold trees supposedly from this mountain. Prospectors rushed to the spot, trying to find a mountain full of gold, but none had succeeded. Pinos Altos currently maintains many galleries and traditional venues since the gold rush including the Buckhorn Saloon and the Opera House as well as the Pinos Altos Museum.

Hembrillo County, located at the foot of the Victorio Peak, is where some of the best kept secrets in New Mexico are located. In 1937 Milton Earnest "Doc" Noss was traveling across the Hembrillo Basin when he stumbled upon a large rock that had become an infallible stone. There are many theories about how the sector is filled with unparalleled wealth, but nothing has been confirmed. By 1938 Doc Noss was able to obtain a legal license for the property, and sought to extract as much as he could. By the end of 1939, Doc decided he needed to expand the opening of the hidden treasure, and he planned to blow up the narrow boat with eight rods of dynamite. This was a mistake, causing a cave-in that blocked another door.

In 1955 the White Sands Missile Range decided to expand its territories to the Hembrillo Basin. Doc's wife, Ova "Babe" Noss, fought to retain her rights to the printed price, but the ownership of both the property and the property underneath it was severely contested. Military personnel later seemed to have found another door in hiding, and the dispute intensified. Finally, in 1963, the government called for a mining operation to recover the surplus property. The work was worthless, because any gold that had been extracted had been extracted, or the outer space was lost. To date, the secret of the Hembrillo Basin's fortunes has not disappeared. Descendants of Doc and Babe are still trying to find out what happened to the treasure, and whether there are any others left under Victorio Peak.

In the mountains there are many other hidden buildings. The deep wall at Caballo Mountain, near Las Cruces, is said to hide the goods stolen by the Indians in Spain. Mount Capitan is said to be hiding from a gold mine of gold and silver worth $ 25 million. Steins Peak is home to Doubtful Canyon, where health spoils are hidden. The most treasured treasures are known to be hidden in Devoy & # 39; s Peak near Mount Dora. Other sources of economic loss myths include Cimarron, Cooney, and Tijeras Canyon.

There are so many fun stories to tell people and places to see in New Mexico! Enjoy your "search" as you watch kids & # 39; s exciting news and places to see around the state.


Orissa Tours – A Journey to the Roots of India

Orissa has a platform in & # 39; south & # 39; s tomorrow in India and is an important part of & # 39; s history. It is also known as the & # 39; Order & # 39; and the buildings within it, attracting a number of tourists including the internationally renowned Jagannath Temple, the Sun temple, the Lingaraja temple and most of all the Ashoka Rock Rocks. Due to its religious potential, Orissa hosts millions of pilgrims and volunteers each year who come here to pay taxes in the temples preserved here. Orissa tours are one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, especially those interested in Indigenous culture.

Visitors to the Orissa tour can enjoy a variety of festivals and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. As usual, the government testifies that many visitors and tourists are participating. One of the most popular celebrations here is the Rath Yatra which was made in Puri. Particularly a Hindu festival, Rath Yatra is the annual festival held in memory of Lord Jagannath Festival & # 39; a visit to her aunt & # 39; Lord Jagannath, it is believed, visits his aunt once a year accompanied by his elder brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra. Most viewed in the months of June – July, Rath Yatra also hosts the arrival of foreign-born families. When you are on your way to Orissa, being a spectator at the legendary Rath Yatra will make a lasting impression. Rath means chariot and yatra means to walk.

Driven on wheels, the wagons are beautifully decorated and are shaped like the image of the first temples in Puri, dedicated to them. The gods of each chariot were adorned with magnificence at their best traditions and devotees gathered here, to look at the gods. Although looking at children & # 39; s small children, they believe, it helps them survive. A group of devotees gathered in & # 39; a large shrine for the temples drag the wagons to the nearby Gundicha temple, where the gods remain for the next 8 days, after which they return to the main temple. Another year's wait begins there.

Visitors to the state, except during Rath Yatra should not worry that they will miss out on the fun! Orissa travel packages offer visitors a number of unique travel options and one that is fun and exciting. Some of the most memorable and unforgettable trips to explore here include a trip to the ancient caves of Lalitgiri, Udaygiri, and Khandagiri, exploring the beauty and intrigue of Pipli village known for its unique and last but not least fun activity and exploring & # 39; in Orissa.

Feast on the ancient heritage of the place while on vacation in Orissa. Travel, travel, entertainment, and luxury travel, Orissa offers all the …


Route 66 Adventure Handbook

"Get Your Kick on Route 66" was a popular song from 40 & # 39; s, sung by Nat King Cole, which helped bring this long road – Route 66 – to prominence. Now you can get your own check on Route 66 if you bring the Route 66 Adventure Handbook, because it brings you to many hidden, and hidden gems, along this path.

Route 66 was one of the first highways in the United States, when it was completed in 1926. It stretches from Chicago to California, and crosses Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, traveling to Santa Monica, California. In the 1950s, when President Eisenhower signed the sign that had been made the "Interstate Highway system" and the highways, when the "highways" were built, many people thought that the famous highway was all dead. But even though the new roads challenged the authority of Route 66 and as the author of the Route 66 Adventure Handbook notes, it seemed for a moment that the famous highway appeared, fortunately, travelers eventually realized the unique shape of this popular route. and is now happy to resume.

Now in its fifth edition, the Route 66 Adventure Handbook has been divided into chapters by state, running southwest from Illinois to California. Each chapter includes more collections, than I have seen in & # 39; s other travel books. Most of these attractions are sites that are in conflict with other publications, places that are unique to the Cadillac Ranch where "art" cars show the actual Cadillacs buried, "… which is said to be situated on the same part of the Great Pyramids of Egypt." ( pg. 290) In addition, each chapter also includes a section on "Extra Material" where downloads, which are far from the popular method, are available.

The Route 66 Adventure Handbook is written in an easy-to-read / easy-to-follow format and is easily accessible in the face of the book and makes it easy to pick up and repeat. There are a lot of options for your travel guide in the navigation system so you may want to start browsing the book before your time. My top pick from the collection of this book should be "Big Brutus" – a giant, and I mean GIANT! ("second largest ever made") – a powerful shovel in West Mineral, KS. The Brutus image shows a parked car next to one that gives you a good idea of ​​the size of the Brutus. And I have to mention all the pictures because the book is a chock full of them – almost every single collection mentioned is accompanied by a good picture. For your convenience, below each image is the location of the GPS. If you are planning a trip exploring Route 66, whether it is a quick run on the other side of the road, or if you enjoy a full, 2,000-lane highway, be sure to pick up the Route 66 Adventure Handbook to win I am not impressed with this famous road.

Quill says: John Steinbeck called Route 66 "The Mother Road" in The Grapes of Wrath, and for good reason. Now, with the Route 66 Adventure Handbook, you can watch the kids enjoy a wonderful stretch of ashes and enjoy all the unique gems they offer, gems that others without a handbook can miss. Grab the book, jump into your car, and start driving!