Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival

Escape to Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival is a must see. It is the hottest in the world and with over 700 balloons floating in the sky at any given moment. It is also said to be the most popular cartoon anywhere in the United States or in the world.

There are many ways to get back there. Group tours are also provided but the unique way to stay home away from home is through the flow. With so many worthless opportunities, you'll enjoy a trip to New Mexico. With less than a million people, the state is one of the smallest in the country.

Many RV campsites are available. It is also possible to stand near the starting point and just throw a stone, in a symbolic way. M & # 39; s place, the parking lot is just walking distance to the drop-off point.

You can choose between a place with a dry area provided or a premium with less water and electricity. If you want to be close to the VIP launch action near the launch site. The Presidential team offers something else – the lively look of the place.

Hot & # 39; hot air balloons are also available. What is floating in a gondola or wicker basket is missing the sight of the & # 39; s land and mountains of Sandia. You can also help set up a balloon, packing after the plane but can't keep it. Tomorrow√Ę & # x20AC; & # x2123; Advanced balloon tours are offered throughout the year.

The Albuquerque combination is a fun game; pilots can make other arrangements to accommodate your special needs.

Hot air balloons are a beautiful thing. Made from nylon or polyester and coated with silicone or neoprene, the bag is just air-cooled from the burners. The & # 39; s baby balloons are taking on an amazing shape – a lifeless device popping up in a beautiful animal.

Balloons come in many shapes and sizes, with beautiful colors and textures. In the artistic section, artists showcase their artwork in their & # 39; s style. For balloons the unusual appearance of animals and household items a special balloon shape will not be missed. Then at night the balloons light up against the dark sky in the Balloon Glow and the Night Magic Glow shows.

Enjoy your trip to Albuquerque, the capital of the world.