Mexico Holiday Vacations Finally Began

Repeatedly in the past few months, major American publications such as the New York Times have warned of the war against Mexican leaders in this country. The war is estimated at 10,000 people lost each year in just four years. However, despite the issue of grave burial, public shootings, beheaded and robbed, in a way, by American college students at the end of the season, the inclination of cheap beer, the late sun, the sand and the waves have been trying to resist. It's amazing how parents let their kids travel the world – reading the news every day as they do, that in one city or another in the country, you get to witness to many people every day. Apparently, the 40,000 lost lives are what make people finally curious. The idea of ​​a cheap Mexican vacation is now starting to hit.

But even so, the hit has been less. The American Express tourism company, in a Wall Street Journal article, says it appears to be 15% short of tourists wanting to travel to Mexico. Mazatlán, Mexico's best beach resort in Mexico has seen only three cruises taking down the city. The state of Texas has been warning college students about how to take on war-torn sites like Acapulco and Cancun – both living in a complex & immoral environment. A Mexican commission to see the other side is calling all these American concerns to be stupid and false. If the government warning that college students in Texas should "avoid traveling to Mexico during Spring Break and stay alive", it may be understood that the Mexican government may be concerned about their tourism activity.

So is this required? Probably all the violence in Mexico forces Mexican citizens to use fire. In general, should American tourists staying in hotels & resorts have to be safe? This is exactly what the 110 American tourists who died in Mexico last year thought. The government estimates that many of those "foreigners" were drug traffickers or something else. But even if Mexican tourists keep you alive outside of Mexico, road riding and other less-than-unrelated crimes are often difficult. There are some warnings they give to tourists and those that may take some entertainment out of a Mexican holiday – warnings that say not to drink any beverage that is not open in front of you, to avoid drinking during the sunset and to walk in groups.

Is it time to give up the idea of ​​a vacation in Mexico? Look at it this way – Starwood is opening two new hotels in Mexico; and Hilton is opening six hotels later this year. She is confident that Mexico will solve her problems with the firm or she is confident that Americans do not care.