Book Review – Base Camp Las Vegas: Hikes 101 Southwest Deborah Wall

"Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes & # 39; Southwest" by Deborah Wall is a helpful resource for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Wall is a well-known m & # 39; muse, conducting a prestigious travel and events conference and co-author and author of numerous travel and media outlets. Originally published in 2010, "Base Camp Las Vegas" became a bible for travelers in the area. "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the South & Southwest" is the revised edition and the book. This book focuses on 4 states of the state of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, especially places that are easily accessible from the Las Vegas area.

My husband and I are "newbie" travelers, with a few steps under our belts in Colorado and New Mexico, so I was eager to take this book and lighten everything that Wall offers to & # 39; The book begins with a section called Before You Fall In The Way, and it contains helpful tips for planning a trip. They range from what to wear, things to pack in a day pack, considering the weather, and water use, to tips on hiking with kids and what to do when encountering wildlife – like ratunesnakes!

From there the author entered direct areas and alternatives. After completing this one-way cycle, Wall highlights his first experience providing information about each climb, including ideal travel conditions, altitude and difficulty of climbing, elevated data, route alerts and directions. This is important because knowing in advance allows for proper planning, and those involved will greatly benefit from mastering what they have written. I really enjoyed reading about the meaning of history in so many areas, including what became famous and how each region got its names.

Aside from the amount of information found in this & # 39; s web pages, it is a pretty good book. An artist, the Wall also includes pages for each page of UNITED photos. The ideas that jump through the pages are enough to make you want to get your weapons out and get out – right away! Of course the highest quality production of any kind, there are many things to love about this book. Having already read it once, I am ready to go back to the page I saved to research and plan for our next trip. Anyway, I have to wait for my men to finish reading – they caught it when I wrote it!

I highly recommend "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the North & # 39; Southwest" by Deborah Wall for anyone who wants to travel, camp or just learn more about the area.