Treasure Hunting In New Mexico

With its rocky outcrops and rolling hills, it is no wonder that New Mexico is one of the most fascinating stories of hidden treasures in North America. The "Great West" was famous for the brazen bravery and insanity of the gangsters who handle trampling, chasing ships, and collecting treasures that were not discovered shortly after death. Other accounts tell of the settlers who discovered large sections of gold in the & # 39; mountains, that they had just died before revealing their exact location. He believes that many of these products are hidden across the country, waiting for the lucky ones to come.

One story from 1836 is about an old man named Adams. After being persecuted by the natives, Adams entered the town of Pinos Altos. Before his death from his injuries, Adams also pointed to a magnificent mountain in the northern part of town where gold was scattered everywhere, contaminated. M & # 39; s cage there were $ 7000 gold trees supposedly from this mountain. Prospectors rushed to the spot, trying to find a mountain full of gold, but none had succeeded. Pinos Altos currently maintains many galleries and traditional venues since the gold rush including the Buckhorn Saloon and the Opera House as well as the Pinos Altos Museum.

Hembrillo County, located at the foot of the Victorio Peak, is where some of the best kept secrets in New Mexico are located. In 1937 Milton Earnest "Doc" Noss was traveling across the Hembrillo Basin when he stumbled upon a large rock that had become an infallible stone. There are many theories about how the sector is filled with unparalleled wealth, but nothing has been confirmed. By 1938 Doc Noss was able to obtain a legal license for the property, and sought to extract as much as he could. By the end of 1939, Doc decided he needed to expand the opening of the hidden treasure, and he planned to blow up the narrow boat with eight rods of dynamite. This was a mistake, causing a cave-in that blocked another door.

In 1955 the White Sands Missile Range decided to expand its territories to the Hembrillo Basin. Doc's wife, Ova "Babe" Noss, fought to retain her rights to the printed price, but the ownership of both the property and the property underneath it was severely contested. Military personnel later seemed to have found another door in hiding, and the dispute intensified. Finally, in 1963, the government called for a mining operation to recover the surplus property. The work was worthless, because any gold that had been extracted had been extracted, or the outer space was lost. To date, the secret of the Hembrillo Basin's fortunes has not disappeared. Descendants of Doc and Babe are still trying to find out what happened to the treasure, and whether there are any others left under Victorio Peak.

In the mountains there are many other hidden buildings. The deep wall at Caballo Mountain, near Las Cruces, is said to hide the goods stolen by the Indians in Spain. Mount Capitan is said to be hiding from a gold mine of gold and silver worth $ 25 million. Steins Peak is home to Doubtful Canyon, where health spoils are hidden. The most treasured treasures are known to be hidden in Devoy & # 39; s Peak near Mount Dora. Other sources of economic loss myths include Cimarron, Cooney, and Tijeras Canyon.

There are so many fun stories to tell people and places to see in New Mexico! Enjoy your "search" as you watch kids & # 39; s exciting news and places to see around the state.