The Secret City in Tepoztlan: Open Your Mouth With You & # 39; be prepared for some Special Interests

Good food is easy to come to Tepoztlan, Mexico, which is a couple of hours south of Mexico City on the road to Acapulco. There are many generous restaurants that offer guests a week with this. Local financing services on the grilled rolls of pork, chicken, cheese or vegetables. Hot peppers are available if you like. Roast meats and traditional Nahua dishes are plentiful, but the bones of pizza and burger are lacking. The & # 39; s papers are big, filling, and delicious. The central streets of the town and the beautiful, picturesque market located behind the main plaza (also called Zocalo), have the perfect location for any budget. Here are some experiments to start with:

Restore Vegetariano Xochipilli located on Ave. Revolucion No. 10

A beautifully decorated area with no animal trials. It's on the "tourist" side but the service is good and its list is perfect for being the right place for your trip. Prices for home drinks range from 20 pesos to 50 pesos at reasonable prices.

Best Los Angeles Restaurants in Tepozteco No. 13.

The Tepoztlan brand is its exterior purple that is hard to miss. It is decorated in Mexican colonial and has a list of Mexican cuisine. Blue corn berries are unique here and they make their enchiladas fantastic for both the eye and the palate. Prices are valid for most attendees, from 30 to 50 pesos for most. If you are a chocolate lover try "Pollo en salsa mole" or chicken broth. Chocolate is a big part of the mole sauce. This dish is popular in central and southern Mexico all the way to the Yucatan.

At the Market

Tepoztlan special food & # 39; can be tested at the Central Market site located behind Zocalo (main plaza). In addition to local vegetables, meat and poultry, family-owned markets offer your dishes & # 39; The whole meal looked good but in a couple of selections, here are two ideas that we # 1; we introduce:

Antojitos Mexicoanos Irma – Edith in Tepoztlan Central Market:

I don't know where to start with the many "Quesadillas" served here. These are the hot-fat hot sandwiches that you like to mix, mixed or mixed, inside. They do & # 39; ll from 5 to 12 pesos each (: 50 cents to $ 1.20 cents) and it's amazing. The fillings include cheese, flor de calabaza (it & # 39; sa bright red flowers in which the flowers cook and eat!), Potatoes and sausages, mushrooms, nopales (this is the largest species of Prickly Pear cactus in southwestern US), chakarron (fried pork skin) and tinga – a mixture of chopped chicken, pepper and spices. Corrines look so dark they are made of blue corn – a specialty of Mexico.

The tacos (forget Taco Bell forever) are served with fried meat, sour cream and spices and are called "Tacos de Cecina". If you don't want yours & # 39; i want yours, i & # 39; em! How about washing it all with Ameyal hot salt soap? There & # 39; s kiwi, tamarind, Jamaica (a drink made from dried Hibiscus flowers known in the West Indies), mandarin (tangerine) and peach – called durazno in Spain and regarded as a unique fruit in Mexico.

Doña Lucia & # 39; Central Tepoztlan Central Market:

Here you will be more inspired by tastes, smells, sounds and words that will stop your imagination. Start with the Cecino de Yecappistla – ng & # 39; blue beef, ng & # 39; lean-fried beef, cheese and local spices. The fragrance alone will consume you away. How about three "Itacates" twists, baked like a kind of sandwich with melted cheese? Don't run away without trying at least one quesadilla for "Flor de Chompancle", also called "Flor de Colines" by some people. Once you go, you can put on some "Chapulines" (they & # 39; decorate grasshoppers), they & # 39; offered free of charge. Don't reach us now! Try something else. I'm absolutely sure: You'll never forget your experience.

A secretive place for all, Tepoztlan is home to many scholars, poets, writers and mystics. There are regular UFO sightings (called OVNIS in Spanish) in the area. Several famous churches adorn the town. The most famous of these is the Dominican Ex-convent of Nativity which also has a museum. Long streets are closed and tend to climb high, especially to the west of the main plaza. M & # 39; s on the northern edge of the town, there are some interesting things. But don't just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.


Routes 66 Through Arizona

Route 66 can trace history back to the end of the m & # 39; 1920s when it was first developed and settled. However it was not until 1938 that the road was designed to be fully formed from as far east as Chicago, Illinois to the west end of Santa Monica, CA 2,450 miles later. It is clear that this route can travel to & # 39; t tomorrow or west even though many Route 66 travelers prefer to travel from east to west as the Joad family does in the famous literary work, by John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath.

Sadly, Route 66 was first replaced in & # 39; the 1960s by the new Interstate highways that crossed the & # 39; towns & # 39; onoang & # 39; pa & # 39; lanes and was completely removed from the interstate highways in 1985. However in part More & # 39; s many Route 66 agencies, private rooms & townhouses. lovers and most historians refused to let this die. Over the last 25 years there has been a new resurgence of tourism that has rekindled the interest of preserving a large part of American history & nostalgia which is Route 66.

Often referred to as "Mother Road", "Main Street of America" ​​or "Will Rogers Highway" the route passes through eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let's look at the state of Arizona in more detail.


Moving west, Arizona is 7th in the 8th Route 66 state and has 401 miles from the border to the border. It has a magnificent setting, some of the most spectacular scenery, the highest elevation and the longest stretch of Route 66 throughout the trip.

Naturally, Arizona is home to Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest and Desert. This place creates some great photo opportunities and the opportunity to explore and navigate the natural beauty.

About 75 miles to Arizona, through the Petrified Forest and Paint and Holbrook city. Home to the Wigwam Village Motel, many Route 66 travelers look forward to sleeping on the tape and many refer to this sign as a reflection of their journey. To the west lies Joseph City, a Mormon religion founded in the late 1870s. Found in Joseph City is the well-known name of the Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of Route 66's most popular landmarks is the well-known slogan that says "NOTHING" that appears on the Jackrabbit Trading Post.

Passing west across the Meteor Crater are the towns of "standin & # 39; corner" Winslow, the two Guns that were gone, the abandoned Twin Arrows and the "Don't forget" Winona being the city of Flagstaff. Flagstaff is home to the famous Lowell Observatory and is also a gateway to the Grand Canyon that starts north for hours. Canyon is a nice hike from Route 66 to see one of the world's most spectacular scenery. If you wish you can connect to the spectacular Grand Canyon via the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams just 30 miles or so west of Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams lies Brannigan Peak. At 7,320 feet above sea level is the highest point on the entire Rt. 66..

15 miles west of Williams and Ash Fork, the national capital. Shortly after Ash Fork you can say goodbye to I-40 as you embark on the longest non-stop on Route 66 at all. Make sure you stop at the famous Snow Cap Drive-in Seligman and the fun shops in Hackberry before arriving in Kingman. Here you will find many of the still-protected 66-year-old business travelers including some of the most successful museums.

Make sure you leave Kingman while you have lunch because you won't miss the scenery ahead when you pass the Blue Mountain switches soon with the hairpins ahead. Oatman hopes, as do many wild toilets that call the old mining town home. Be sure to check out Oatman's oldest hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their vacation.

From Oatman you can take a quick trip to the Laughlin Nevada casino and try your luck or you can continue through Golden Shores, Topock and back onto I-40 to cross the mighty Colorado River to California.


Loss Of Adams Diggings

Somewhere out in the deep like a cottage travels & # 39; s small. There are Lost Adams Diggings rumors, as rich as any lost treasure in the West, and probably more legitimate according to the factual evidence. It is a myth made by more than one person.

A man named Adams was a player on a trip to Los Angeles with 12 horses. Adams (his first name was variously given as William, Edward, Henry and John) was a freighter, selling goods at prices, between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona. He was married, with a wife and three children in Los Angeles.

After his last visit, Adams camped near the city of Florence, Arizona. The Apache, riding with his horses, woke him up. Adams chased the animals.

On his way back to his house, he found that his chariot was on fire and all his possessions, including the two thousand dollars he had received from his luggage, were gone. The Apache had just used a clever horse thief to allow them to invade the camp of his real estate.

When his valuable things were gone, save only 12 horses, Adams headed for Adams' high ground to the friendly Pima Indian village of what is now Gila Bend, Arizona. While there he listened to the stories of the miners & prospects in the mining industry. A half-year-old Mexican-Apache brother called "Gotch Ear" listened as the miners voiced their demand for gold. The boy is named Gotch Ear for having one ear that is crippled.

The Apache arrested Gotch Ear and his brother when they were teenage boys living in Mexico. Gotch Ear was now fleeing the nation because he killed Apache who killed his brother in battle.

Gotch Ear eventually approached the working class. If you are looking for gold, he told them, they know that a 10-day horseback ride on a horse, while a well goes with the gold parts. All he asked was to come as a horse that would bring him back to Mexico.

It was in 1864 that Gotch Ear led a group of 22 men to the site. Gotch Ear led a gold-loving team along the Gila River heading north-east & # 39; tomorrow for several days. By or about August 25, the group had encamped at a low point between the tops of two towers, believing that it was Mt. Ord and Mt. Baldy.

This has caused some confusion for those seeking wealth, however, as Mount Ord is north of Phoenix and is not a bad idea for the journey taken by Gotch Ear and his followers.

Since Adams had all the horses, the people who owned the hungry mine had chosen their leader.

After four days of traversing the high timbers, a Mexican teenager led the crews around the high mountain that Adams and John Brewer, m & # 39; s one of the crew, said White Mountain's eastern Arizona.

The team eventually reached what looked like a box office. Here they camped at night. M & # 39; t tomorrow, he climbed the porch to the blue, but it was a solid stone wall some 80 feet down.

Gotch Ear led the men around a large m & # 39; s wall below the wall. Then, through a hidden port, he went into the living room, Adams firmly said afterwards, that a rider with his arms out could touch both sides.

Running down the slope there was a stream, right where they passed. Here they made camp at night.

The miners had settled down and started collecting the yellow metal before the Apache team, led by Chief Nana, appeared on a hill near the river.

Nana told the miners to get what they want from the water, but not to try to find gold that extends beyond the mountain. He also ordered them to leave soon, and not return.

As this gold was not attracted to the Indians, who was it? Canyon, nicknamed "Sno-Tah-Hay" by Nana, was a very special religious place for the natives.

The Apache also believed that gold was "the tears of the sun". No one touched the tears of the sun because it is the source of all life.

Gold seekers remained submissive against Nana's orders. Not only did he stay, but he started building a cabin. In three weeks' time, they found nearly six million dollars worth of gold, hidden in a jar and hidden in the stairs of an invisible building.

His intention was to distribute the gold accordingly to the men at the parties, except for a German named Snively. Regardless he took his share every day and saved his gold except the others.

Soon, food supplies were scarce. A party of five & # 39; s miners, led by John Brewer, was selected to go to Fort Wingate to restart the camp. Workers carrying the cigarettes – some larger such as turkey eggs – for use as payroll.

At the fort, when the workers paid their dues and the great demand for gold, the treasurer realized this.

In the meantime, Apache Chief Nana, invisible, continues to monitor the children on the river, and said the fun trips that night will be spent exploring for gold.

We were not happy. He ordered his Apache army to kill a group of five while leaving Fort Wingate. This happened except for one person, Brewer, who survived.

Apache then killed all the staff members in the garden except two men living away from the Anglo camp. Sadly, the German, who had already taken his gold and returned to Germany. A few years later, Snively confirmed the gold discovery.

M & # 39; s one of the two men who escaped the Apache massacre was Adams, and the other was Jack Davidson. The only reason the two escaped Apache's wrath was that they went in search of the Fort Wingate fort.

Adams and Davidson decided it was safe to go to Los Angeles to avoid contact with the Apache. Walking in the night, he was lost.

They were observed by U.S. troops. and took them to Fort Apache, according to one article. This shows some skepticism on these types, however, as Fort Apache was established until 1872.

Jack Davidson later said he took them to Fort Whipple, Prescott tomorrow.

Neither Adams nor Davidson knew that John Brewer, the party's leading figure, had survived the Apache massacre. Brewer climbed the gall wall and reached out to friendly Pueblo Indians. Brewer later moved to Colorado, married an Indian woman and had a family.

Adams returned to California and lived there for ten years. They are scared to return to New Mexico to explore music.

Adams returned in 1874. He searched and searched for the lost "Adams Diggings" until his death in 1876, but never again managed to sell a gold mine.

There are many stories about trying to recreate the way Gotch Ear and his Anglo followers did.

A man named Edward Doheny, traveling from New Mexico to Phoenix in search of work, is said to have walked under the box before realizing he could not get through. He had seen the ruins of a burning cabin before turning around, but, at the time, knew nothing about Adams' story.

So severe, Doheny was unable to secure the site.

The & # 39; s fisherman Jack Townsend is said to have acquired the Lost Adams Diggings in New Mexico in 1894, working in Magdalena, New Mexico. This has not been confirmed.

Once, during his attempt to try the "golden river", Adams met Bob Lewis in a saloon. Lewis, too, had been looking for "Diggings".

"Go look & # 39; they have the bones of the men who were carrying the buckets. Show me the bones, and show them gold."

According to an article by Lee Paul, on a site called "The Outlaws," Lewis found the bones. He found them thirty years later. The building of the canal was of the bones of several men with fragments of stone and stone.

Lewis was in the Datil Mountains in New Mexico. When they found the bones, they couldn't find the secret. It is believed that the earthquake, which rocked southern Arizona and New Mexico in 1887, had reshaped the area in the & # 39; s states of Datil.

In general, great efforts have been made to follow the path that Gotch Ear started. No one showed any fruit. It seems that The Lost Adams Diggings would just be – a lost cause.


The & # 39; s View of the Creek To Escudilla Mountain Summit

Escudilla Mountain is a major part of Arizona's future & can be easily seen from as far away as New Mexico. I live in Alpine, AZ located south of the 10,877 & # 39; Escudilla Mountains and I often travel through this area. The Escudilla Mountain Trail is a 7.5 mile hike and is accessible from Terry Flat. This is a nice 3 hour hike … but for longer hikes consider starting your hike in Little Creek, climbing Terry Flat, crossing Terry Flat to Escudilla Mountain Trailhead – and then to the summit. This is an 18-mile round trip with approximately 3,000 & # 39; The hiking time is anywhere from 5 – 8 hours. I would try to travel as hard as it is about 9 miles from Little Creek to a summit with about 3,000 & # 39; Travelers need to be trained to persevere and especially integrated above 8000 & # 39 ;. I would recommend two liters of water, lunch and a rain jacket.

To find the hiking trail in Alpine, AZ – often called "The Alps of Arizona". From the intersection of US-191 and US-180 travel east toward New Mexico on US-180 about 4 miles to County Road 2117 – also known as Stone Creek Road or Forest Road 275. When you turn off US-180 and head north a good sign is the Alpine Cemetery on your left. Go north on County Road 2117 for about 3,000 miles. You pass by a large cottage like "Cotton Flat" at the entrance gate … another 1/4 mile highway will reach some of the larger sites. Park near 100 & # 39; ponderosa fork. (The road was formerly non-motorized, but ATV & # 39; ers have issued non-motorized landmarks and are pretty close to following the route – local NFS seems to care.)

Head east to the ridge and start lifting a little & # 39; Pass through the boss gate and continue to the next level so maybe there will be a tank & # 39; a cow (yaing & # 39; small pond) follow the path around the pond and back …. your right will be the other way … can't forget, there are 10 times " deep ATV, follow the dirt path to the next ng & # 39; s gate, after crossing the tunnel and fixing a 1/4 lane highway, passing a few berms and ending the second forest road at Terry Flat, crossing the road and heading west, you can see the & # 39; 3km wide and 6 miles long with about 9,800 miles crossing and you will reach Terry Flat Road. Turn right (north) and follow this gravel trail about 3 miles to Escudilla Mountain Trailhead. , trucks are few and rarely see the car.)

Follow the Escudilla Mountain Trail for about 3.5 miles and another 1500 & # 39; canyon to the summit with the Escudilla Fire Watch Tower. Once on the platform you have traveled 9 km & 3000 & # 39; Repeat all trips back to return to your destination. I went on this road myself & # 39; t this morning and had a few trips along the way, but didn't see a bear. I saw a group of five cows and a fox or cage from half a mile away. When traveling on a summer island it leaves & # 39; t tomorrow to avoid rain and lightning as much as possible. It is important to wear nylon or wool – no cotton … the weather can change quickly and varying the temperature of 20 degrees is not unusual.

Author's Note: Approximately 80% of Escudilla Mountain burned during the 538,000 Wallow Fire (summer 2011). The Little Creek Trail caught fire over 9000 & # 39; s on the moon. The site has been closed for years. Wallow Fire was the wildest wildfire in the state of Arizona burning 850 calories. The author lost two homes and businesses because of his hard work with the National Forest Service. No financial assistance was provided by the government. The author is currently living 300 miles south of the South Rim in the Grand Canyon.


Happy Birthday, New Mexico

2012 is the 100th year since New Mexico joined the Union and became our 47th state. New Mexico has had a variety of experiences and personalities that have made the country unique during its centennial.

During World War II, New Mexico became the focal point of Manhattan's secret mission, while US scientists rushed to create the first atomic bomb, attempting near Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1945.

Roswell, New Mexico began a conversation about a foreign life where a woman named Mac Brazel discovered anonymous garbage on her site. It is widely believed that this waste is the result of a certain quantity that was destroyed on the New Mexico desert one night in July, 1947. Interest is still being done today in the event.

American indigenous groups have been in the state of New Mexico for centuries. Throughout the state, evidence is revealed about their ancient presence in the discovery of abandoned cities & # 39; early trade routes; toilet facilities; thresholds, and signs are set on a rock. Today, New Mexico has counted 22 Indian citizens, which includes 19 Indian pueblos and three permanent settlements.

Some of the "celebrities" in New Mexico are from William the Old (Billy the Kid) Bonner; Army Scout and hunter, Kit Carson; Bo Diddley's vocal guitars; writer Tony Hillerman; motorists Al and Bob Unser, Georgia hurdler O & # 39; Keefe and player Demi Moore.

The whole history is a familiar territory in New Mexico; yet this writer's curiosity and passion for food lead him to Alice Stevens Tipton, and Original Mexican Cookies (1916), with Emma Fergusson and her Mexican Cookbook (1934). Tipton and Ferguson demonstrated the courage and ability to maintain local traditions despite the United States dietary approach, which pointed to different aspects. Tipton, was adamant about using the New Mexico ingredients and it was probably premature.

Tipton's and Ferguson's cookbooks provided a preliminary description of how to make a favorite classic dish. Some of these foods included corn and wheat flour, red- and green soups, red chillies, chiles millet, tamales, flan and many other dishes.

Shortly after the Tipton and Ferguson books were published, four prominent Spanish women published their recipes. Concerned that descendants of Hispanic immigrants would cease to be the majority in the state, he & # 39; ve considered ways to persuade New Mexico to keep a relative of his family in keeping with traditional customs. If you've read anything in their & # 39; s books, enjoy cooking New Mexico, even eating at & # 39; restaurants, you are sure to be inspired by their efforts.

In the search for this article, this author discovered two amazing women who also contributed to New Mexico history. Their names are Katy Griggs Camunez Meek and Edith Warner.

In southern New Mexico is a town called Mesilla. M & # 39; s town is a building called La Posta de Mesilla, which goes back to the old days of Mesilla when the pioneers first moved there after the war in Mexico. In 1848 the building became the focal point of the Butterfield Stage Line and the Corn Exchange Hotel, one of the best lodges in the Southwest. Today's Postal Post Compound is on the National Register of History Built

In 1939, Kathy Griggs, 19, opened La Posta as a "chile." His uncle sold him a corner of the house for "one dollar, love, and love." The place had four tables on the dirty floor and, with her mother cooking in the backyard, Katy works wonderfully, welcoming guests, accepting appointments, speaking in tongues, and entertaining all her clients. The restaurant has expanded as well as offices, and similar menus continue. Katy's granddaughter, Jerean Camunez and her husband, Tom are the ones who run the business, using some of Katy's recipes in her The Postal Cook Book (1971).

Edith Warner, who grew up in Pennsylvania, moved to New Mexico in 1922. Her & # 39; s adobe cottage passed through the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. His house stood near the Otowi Bridge, a one-lane crossing bridge that crossed the river at NM 502 that passed through San Ildefonso Pueblo and into the jungle Mountains to Los Alamos. At this point in time the site of the future Manhattan Church was at a veterinary school.

Edith supported herself by opening her door in her room, helping the occasional traveler to get through. In 1943, when the US government bought Los Alamos for the Manhattan Project, Edith's bodyguards changed. Formerly known for baking a chocolate cake, Edith's place became a hangout for scientists and soldiers. As remembered by a resident of Los Alamos, Edith, dressed in the white legs of the neighboring Pueblo women, served everyone quietly without asking provocative questions.

In order to keep her research team happy and happy, Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project allowed Edith to find the best foods, by offering her a chocolate-and-butter treat.

Food and culture are often intertwined. New Mexico, more than 100 years after the founding of the government, cannot be stressed by following American power and tradition. In almost everything and education, business, and even war, New Mexico is affiliated with 49 other countries. Traditionally, however, New Mexico was segregated. Most of the residents of Pueblo, Navajo, and Spain are permanent in observing their favorite traditions; and many of their Anglo neighbors welcome and celebrate their commitment to traditions and traditions and look for children to participate in its blessings.

Good and Happy Day, New Mexico, Land of Enchantment


Sort The Beauty Of The World Saver

Meet Cy "LUVTR41N" Orbick, a teenager based in the World Saver video game, and the hero of the talented writer Neal Goldstein. Cy's father died while trying to fly to New Mexico, and his mother also married a close friend of Captain-Trent, a radar engineer when Cy's father's plane crashed. Cy is passionate about breaking the puzzle knowledge found in the game, and hiring people at World Saver headquarters. He doesn't realize that his match will be used to help save real creatures.

At the beginning of Goldstein's science fiction stories, Cy doesn't care about his failed education, and wants to spend every waking moment playing his favorite sport. Saving the world empire is a strong one, and its efforts are rewarded with the wisdom of securing one of the largest modern reservations in the world & # 39; s various fields; if they get one, they get a summer job at World Saver Studios.

Trent seems to sympathize with Cy, as well as having the pleasure of watching him play some fun video games and rescue creatures. But he needs to do this to appease Cy's mother, who doesn't want him to spend his life in a stupid video game.

With her mother threatening to take over her computer, Cy must engage in a gym to continue playing her favorite computer game and hunt for the most important person in the world. Cy's biggest challenge is to persuade her mother to let her go to New Mexico.

Part of Kore's plan is a lot easier than he imagined, because his mother's sister lives in New Mexico. The problem is, her mother's sister teaches yoga, and she even tolerates even more video games than her mother. Aunt Skyler wants her niece to spend her time meditating, learning yoga classes, and finding inner peace and harmony … and, with spies everywhere.

Cy must use all of her artistic and intellectual skills to advance her aunt Skyler and into Space Ranch, an amusement park operated by World Saver Studios. Following instructions that include a person with gray skin, as well as the letters and numbers HV397B, Cy finally discovers one of the details. When they do, a real interest in and action in Goldstein's writing takes place, and Cy feels that the World Saver game has a meaning to the life or death of the inhabitants of the real world.

Fans of turning pages of fictional science fiction stories will be curious The Global Saver written by Neal Goldstein, I see how Cy is doing well, despite a few flaws, in being one of the best in the world. It's a very interesting read, which leaves you wanting more from this upcoming author!


El Malpais – The Moonlight Monitor for the Badlands in New Mexico

A few miles west of town was the Carrizozo outpost in New Mexico and other parts of the country called Malpais. Malpais means "Badlands" in Spanish and if it was the Spanish who called the place, this was a good idea. The Malpais is an ancient volcanic river that flows from the m & # 39; s site of the Little Black Peak about 5,000 years ago. This volcano is similar to the volcano found in Hawaii since it is black basalt. According to the park's information page, the volcanic flow is one of the last and safest in the United States.

Malpais is 44 kilometers long and 2.5 mm wide. The water rises about 127 miles and is anywhere from 60 to 165 feet deep. The eruption lasted for about 30 years but was not a deadly eruption, but it & # 39; s the place where the volcano & # 39; s edge forms low-flow tubes, dams, ice caves and damaged rivers. Malpais is an exciting wildlife reserve and a habitat for all kinds of coyote, rabbits, cats, bats, snakes and lizards.

Although the distance is enough to distribute the best footwear in a nutshell, the seedlings find the site at 5,000 m & # 39; a large, residential desert. The average size is about 12 inches a year but because the water from the rain and snowstorms on the rocks and flows through the & # 39; collars of water, there are more plant species inside the Malpais than outside. In winter the black stone absorbs the heat of the sun and burns it at night to keep the site a little warmer than the surrounding desert. M & # 39; s summertime when it is 100 degrees outside, the finish is fun and cool and the end of the lava can be frozen.

People have been in & # 39; a region around Malpais for 12,000 years and some of the ancients may have seen volcanic eruptions and flooded in clear night-stream from the White Mountains or Carrizo Peak. These people and even the Mescalero Apache later, used many of the mountain seeds that grow in & # 39; s the region such as Sotol, Yucca, Agave, Cholla and Prickly Pear. They make mats and baskets from Yucca threads, make strings from Sotol leaves and use black, seemingly still spears.

There is a large parking lot and parking lot in Malpais which provides access to the wheelchair, accessible through this 348-mile volcano. I think it's best that arrangements have been made, if only for short distances, so that those with disabilities can enjoy the outdoors. I thought this might be an example in many other places. In the latter case the route would continue to weave at a distance of 2/3 m. This looks shorter but the summer heat is probably a lot more than most would like.

I had been fascinated by the news of the industry for many years while reading Louis L & # 39; amour's books about how the hero "Flint" hides in a secret place that no one can find in the center of Malpais so I had to look at the children alone. I had the opportunity the week after I retired from Fort Bliss and headed north to leave the place. Next is a story for another evening where I share Malpais with the Moon.

I have lived near an old juniper tree in the malpais lava flow of Lincoln County, New Mexico. I see the sun shining in the western Indian sky in shades of pink and orange. Most people will be exploring their ends as the sun sets but not me, I will be enjoying the badlands since I have everything myself. There is a nice breeze blowing and I can hear the cickets and all kinds of OTHER locations and the unpleasant night bugs. I started walking at 6:00 pm. There were all kinds of worthless plants on the lava and I hung up several times with Sotol spears and it hurt me a lot.

The stars have now risen and there is one cloud above me in the sky. He looks like a finger & # 39; s eyes and dark nights and stars & # 39; behind him. The heat out here tonight is my Juniper. An elderly Juniper who was several hundred years old while Billy the Kid was on the run from Sheriff Pat Garrett and the Mescalero Apache was on the war path. The volcano is very black and rigid – stuffed with string and straps.

I could feel the owl out in the dark. It was a difficult thing to negotiate with the badlands. I left the trail and started heading west towards Malpais. Large decorations, décor, entry & caves & caves are worth discussing. Some parts of the ground were volcanoes; others were ice-covered surfaces. Other hiking trails were straps tied around the & # 39; narrow & # 39; narrow and I easily climbed over them and down the other side – all the while thankful for my leather jackets and heavy boots. There was a large ming & # 39; alu in the crude barracks and there was sand on the ground, small & deep valleys, anchors or bowls that were surrounded by 30-page flowing streams on either side.

I'm sitting here waiting for the moon to come to the top of Mount Carrizo. Just before the volcanoes, size, shape, shape and color came out. I read four types of bats. They fly in any way and effortlessly rise out of the black space as if the leaves are being blown away by the wind. I wish I could get all the verbal bugs and squash em. At least bats are coming to em. One of the bats was amazingly red and looked like a giant butterfly.

An angry looking moon looks like Sauron's eye is watching & # 39; children across Moror. Our clouds are & # 39; t around Carrizo Mountains looking for children. It is growing like a big orange jackolantern through other Juniper branches. Completely complete and it's great to see the pilot through the clouds. If it was Halloween it would be perfect with that beautiful moon and bats flying so close for comfort.

The moon is like the brightest place now, casting shadows from every stone, every tree, and every bush. No lighting is necessary tonight. If you ever stood under a bright white night lamp at night you would know what the whole desert and sky looks like. I did some research. The deepest one was about 30 feet high and I had to use very careful landings that were sand dunes. It's like being in a small & # 39; small group in southern Utah where I touch both walls with arms outstretched.

I've been hearing a coyote somewhere out there at night and it sounds like an Apache war cry. What our Government has done to these people in & # 39; s the Pecos coast is truly heartbreaking. I am happy that the Mescalero Apache was allowed to return to Sierra Blanca and claim the title of "silent water" Ruidoso itself. I will never forget how the giant handle was shimmering deep into the cotton wool.

One day when I get old and broken, I'll be back to one of my favorite places to visit with the old Juniper, my neighbor Cholla, the chains, the wind, the Carrizo Peak and my New Mexico sky. Cholla is throwing some funny and disgusting shadows along the way. It is warm and hot at the end when the breeze stopped but you can still smell the unpleasant Juniper smell. I thought about how the snakes out there seem to be cut off by the swollen lumps.

There were also some sturdy hardwoods of bite-sized trees in the & # 39; s pebbles with the precious leaves that do not go around the basement. There were special red berries on the trekking table and some exotic bright orange fruit on Cholla. Find a strange seed with pears as large as fruit. Find out that these were banana Yucca and were a good crop for the Indians that day.

When I look at the kids on Malpais at the moonlight I can imagine old John Chism and his fellow riders chasing the vendors until they & # 39; s on the edge of the lava and dropping them off. I had been wondering if maybe Billy the Kid had once been hiding in these stones. I spent the night with me outdoors in bad weather, just me, the moon, the owl, the coyote and the pile of bats and bugs. Such a strange place with a certain color to those who make up the whole feeling … especially on a summer night with a full moon.

If you are going to visit Malpais be sure to take plenty of water with you. After a few experiences of my death in the desert, my rule of thumb is to compare the amount of water you think you might need and repeat. Then camp fire on the fifth point when picking firewood. However, leather jackets and sturdy shoes are very important because a sharp shoe folds the ordinary shoe in a short way. If you are dumb enough to ride on your own like I usually do, tell someone where you are going and when you want them back.

Malpais is a strange and magical place that can be fun to visit. Just be prepared and avoid disaster. This place is not called a vacant lot for no reason. It's a tough piece of unforgiving, but if you do, you'll be safe and happy.


Five Things to Do In Red River, New Mexico

For that matter, let's play games. Your job is to come up with a list of things you, without a doubt, need to do when visiting Red River, New Mexico. How long would it take you to create a list that you believe is important for a Red River package? The fact is that Red River, like many other towns and cities, may not be interesting enough for most people to talk about even the smallest of "melted" things in conversation.

M & # 39; s place, there is a very good chance you might not have visited Red River, which is a huge shame. This mountain town is the perfect picture of everything you wanted from a vacation destination in the American Southwest without a copy of many popular destinations. Unlike other venues, Red River has events that run throughout the calendar year, which means you can visit at any time and find the best deals on offer. Such a mountain looks as though it has been tried in museums to represent a world in this world that was so complex, that it feels so good and breathless.

Don't let anyone fool you, though. If you and your family enjoy a fun game, you'll earn more than you can afford. Want to say that you hung out in the Rocky Mountains? Check. Are the levels of & # 39; water too hot? Perhaps being around 9,000 above is smiling. If you are traveling alone that makes you want to go to some of the safest places in America, is it? Boom. Welcome to Carson National Forest, sir.

There are numerous events throughout the calendar year, and this is due to the hard work of the town's leaders. Many areas in & # 39; s area are sweaty and stay there for the rest of the year. Red River has taken another route. They have no deadly season yet, but have made sure that spring, summer, and fall are all this way. In addition, with the incredible range of Mother Nature products it has, it removes all suspensions and outdoor activities.

Not like that, but once you get to Red River, there are five things to do when you're there:

Wheelr Peak Hiking Trail – Climbing on Wheeler Peak (climbing 13,161 ft.) Is about four miles each way and getting an elevation of about 3,000 feet. You have to put in some work.

Wheelchairs & ATV – The Red River Offroad lets you drive all the other motorists to explore the whole of the area.

The Most Hidden Electronic Industry – The advent of the Zip line is a triple challenge, with a bright future called Ultimate Descent that may tempt you.

Red River Ski & Hot Springs – The site is a site, which has been in operation for almost 60 years. If you want to enjoy the year with the whole family, look no further!

Pan Gold – You can even splash gold in other places. Pioneer Canyon, Placer Creek, and Bitter Creek are known as many places.

Red River, New Mexico may not be the first place you would consider vacationing, but it is probably the last.


Four Things to Do in Red River, New Mexico for couples

The United States of America is such a unique place in the world that if you look at the vast expanse of our planet, you will find every type of climate, shape and land you can imagine. If you are lucky, you can find a place that offers all this in one place, and the place is Red River, New Mexico. Not only do you encounter the southern part of the rolling Rocky Mountains, you will encounter some of the most arid land.

Red River is a small mountain town that is often overlooked by holiday-making juggernauts such as Taos & Angel Fire, NM to the south and, of course, places like Vail, Colorado in the north. However, Red River offers summer and summer activities for the whole family, but it also offers some great times for families who are starting to find a perfect mountain holiday that is not well explained by visitors trying out the natural wonders of the area.

Here are nine great things couples can do in Red River that make it unique, but make it clear that it is an opportunity to be a m & # 39; s lover for those in the know:

1. Candy Candy, LLP – Here you and your loved one can enjoy a candy shop that was a little loved by everyone. You can also try the famous Candy Mountain Fudge candy which has been a trademark of sweets for almost three decades.

2. Texas Reds Steakhouse – Before you start your favorites, why not have a good reputation on the Red River business by stopping by the Texas Reds? Enjoy good food and a restaurant that has been in operation for half a century.

3. Red River MIner Transportation – Carry the Miner Transit route through town. It may not be romantic, but it's a great way to travel after talking about all the wonderful places you've been to.

4. Dancing Line – Dancing line (and other events) is available at Red River Community House at different times of the year. This year, it is available from the beginning of June to the beginning of August 2017.

5. Sand Sand – Take a day trip north of the Red River and look for the children of The Great Sand Dunes National Monument. If you are all big fans of traffic & natural wonders, this is a & # 39; proper & # 39; on your return.

6. Art – If you are all excited about art, check out some of the art enjoyed by the gallery and head to the Red River Gallery of Fine Art.

If you and your friends decide to relax and enjoy the rest, the following three steps are a must:

7. Spice Therapy at Essential O2 Bar

8. Healing Massage, Eyes, and Diet & Pregnant at the Joy of Massage

9. Yoga at Carol Swagerty Yoga

As you can see, Red River, New Mexico has much more to offer couples than just hiking, skiing, and outdoor activities. Obviously, if all these things are on your mind, try to be happy. Sometimes, however, it can be so romantic to just try something different than a routine. Have fun!


Exercises around Santa Fe New Mexico

24 miles north of Santa Fe in the town of Espanola, one can take the sixty-mile River to Taos and return to Espanola on the main road only 70 miles. The Enchanted Circle is an eighty-four-mile circle that starts in Taos and takes the North once, then East through the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and back to Taos.

From Espanola to Velarde on Highway 68 (River Road) is a four lane highway with mountains on either side. Along the way, one will see Pueblo's well-known local descendants. At Velarde the main road is converted into a two-lane highway and into the Rio Grande Gorge. For the next twenty kilometers the main roads pass in a circle around the Rio Grande River with mountains on both sides. Main roads rise from the island adjacent to the town of Pilar, views open to the majestic grassy hillsides in the distance.

Even in Taos make sure you have time to walk around the Taos Plaza that was built 200 years ago, here one will find some Country and State documents. A few miles to the south is the San Francisco De Asis Church, built in the 1700's. Because of its complex adobe shape and twist, it makes it one of the most photographed churches in the world. A few miles north of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains is the village of Taos Pueblo, with a population of less than 4,500, one of the oldest cities in North America. Let's not forget about the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge National Monument about 10 miles north of Taos near El Prado. At 650 feet above the Rio Grande makes it the fifth longest bridge in the United States. The bridge is 1,280 feet long and in 1966 the American Institute of Steel awarded the bridge the "Best Steel Bridge" in the tallest body. In addition, the bridge has appeared in several & # 39; s films.

The Enchanted Trail begins in Taos on Highway 522 North and sees the mountains transformed into rolling hills with Pines, Firs and Aspen trees as one enters the Carson National Forest that covers 1.5 million acres in Mount Sangre De Cristo. . Taking the highway 38 Kum & # 39; tomorrow from Questa on route 18 take part of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range through the picturesque Red River town at an altitude of 8,650 feet. As one crosses Bob Cat as it passes through the 9,820-foot elevation, the ideal destination for Eagle Nest takes in ponds full of hundreds of feeding horses. From Eagle Nest, take Route 64 back to Taos via the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range access road back to the Taos Valley.

The Main Road from Taos back to Espanola begins on Highway 518 where the hike back to the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range begins. For the next 40 miles the High Road crosses the mountainous terrain through large sections of the Carson National Forest, providing spectacular views of the & # 39; s mountains of Northern New Mexico. Just before the small town of Chimayo the road turns back into the valley. In Chimayo one should attend El Santuairo De Chimayo Church. The Roman Catholic church was founded in 1816, and is characterized by its dark adobe walls, two-story towers and a six-foot cross, considered to be an example of Spanish Spanish architecture.

From the summit of Santa Fe a 475-mile hike for sixteen miles to the Santa Fe Ski Basin at an altitude of 10,350 feet, one of the most unique and unique in the world. Along the way one will enter the Santa Fe National Forest where Aspen grows.

Puye Cliff Dwellings National Historic Landmark, has trustworthy buildings cut to the front of the wall in two different colors. The tour starts with a car ride to the top of Mesa, here we can see the beautiful views of northern New Mexico, as well as the shape of the buildings built above the courtyard. To get to the second part, one will take the same approach as the Santa Clara Pueblo people did, a low stepping stone step. This level was expanded to 2,100 feet to the stone wall and reached many homes. From here, a 40-foot research ladder takes one to the first that points to the ideal location and directs the length of the mesa, extending over a continuous distance. From the footpath to the tourist area, the mountain, but a steep incline is accessible.

When driving to the Bandelier National Monument, one must find time to stop in the town of White Rock and visit the White Rock Overview which features an amazing view of the 270 Riverside of the Rio Grande as it flows through the & # 39;

Getting into the peak of the National Belificer off the 4th lane can be a relief. A 3-mile drive from the entrance to the lobby is a great sight and shows a few minutes. The hike runs one of the sections above with the impressive Frijoles Canyon Overview and the stick below. Soon, one could see the decline of mines on both sides of the highway. A beautiful curved ridge extends to 360 degrees downhill from the house at an altitude of 6,066 feet. At the bottom of the canyon one finds Pinon pines and ponderosa as well as other species. Although the bandelier has only three lanes, there are 70 walking lanes & # 39; lanes found in the & # 39; ruins of all parks.

The closest archaeological site and the most famous, is 400 miles from the lobby. The monument was tilted at Tyuonyi with a height of 1.5 million square feet and could enter the & # 39; s edges of the house so that it could look at the ruins of a tall, 800-foot-tall building with folded buttresses like back rooms. Add the other half, walking one-way through the pine forest to reach the Alcove House, while another has to climb the 140-foot ladder to reach the Alcove area.

Pecos National Park is a place where westerns have been drawn to and missed, historical sites, and look good, as it stands today, one will find a very peaceful place. The Pueblo and the Plains Indians were the first to settle here because of the rich fertile soil that the Spaniards followed. As the push to the west grew louder, the Santa Fe Trail opened and along with the tradesmen came. The park has two walks for one to enjoy and see for yourself the history of the country.

The Ancestral Trail starts at the lobby and is a 1.25 mile link. The route takes one through the Pinyon and Ponderosa forest to the ruins of the Pueblo ruins and the Mission church. Weâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;; t see the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountains and Glorieta Mesa in the mountains. At a distance of 7 miles from the destination visitors can take the second rail, the Glorieta Battlefield Trail, which is 2.25 meters long and the 500 mile climb to the top of Mesa. Without a guide from the lobby, this is just a walk through the woods. With the passage through, which describes each post along the way, one can imagine a long battle that took several days between Union troops and Confederate soldiers to win this section.

The monument of the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks Monument is an incredible outdoor activity, providing an opportunity to shed light on how nature creates a natural environment. Centennial-shaped rocks were created millions of years ago due to volcanic eruptions from the jungle mountain range. Due to the close association of the beige volcanic clusters with a synthetic pink stone formed in the air. Over time, rain and wind were stored in the & # 39; s canyon. The structure of the tent found throughout the canyon varies in height from a few feet to ninety feet. The monument covers 5,610 hectares of public land and rises 5,570 feet to a height of 6,760 feet.

They are two ways to go together. The path to the cave with a distance of 1.2 miles takes one & # 39; the side of the rock and the adjacent cave. Here one will travel across the m & # 39; s ponderosa and pinon-juniper sites which provide habitats for large gameplay such as Elk, Mule deer and Turkeys. The 1.5 million mile long trekking path goes in each direction while the larger half is part of the cave path. In addition to the following miles, one will reach an altitude of 630 feet. As one walks through the bottom of the canyon there is a narrow & # 39; s narrow path with only a few places for one person to cross. In plain view of the & # 39; m & # 39; stones and ming & # 39; veil on the walls while the green leaves of the manzanita shrimp have red bark that is very different from the colors of the walls. The last mile is a bit more challenging since the trail is very steep and steep with the 300-foot climb.

Above the mesa one will find a small room less than the top of the mesa is very small, but the views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Jasho Mountains, the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande valley are spectacular. A top tester is available to answer any questions and provide assistance when needed. The tester tells everyone as they get to the top, "in order to brag, one has to go to the sea at the end of the pass", this is a 100-yard extra and has a 100-foot mark. After walking a few miles, a few people take the challenge, I said. Unfortunately, one has to walk back to the toilet to resume walking.

60 miles northwest of Santa Fe, at an altitude of 6,493 feet, is the Ghost Ranch surrounded by towering cliffs up to 600 feet. Come in for a day or you'll spend a week, there's plenty to do. The nine-way cruise missile ranged from a narrow range to a critical level and could cover long distances. All trips take you climbing the & # 39; s rocks. In addition, they offer horseback riding and video tours. Yes, several blockbuster movies had posters here such as, Funny Horses, Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 3:10 For Yuma, Young Guns and many more.

The 8,400-room Hyde Memorial State Park is New Mexico's highest point. The park has 350 hectares of land in a very & # 39; s woodland and is open year-round. The three-lane trip is 3.7 miles long. Although the national parks are known for the valley and surrounding mountains, they are an important source of strong reinforcement.

Tomorrow & # 39; s route is one mile and considers it to be the easiest 200 meter access road. This is an interesting road because the path is a couple of feet long walk and guaranteed and takes one to the top of the stadium and the cottages. Midway is the Waterfall route. The trail is rocky and runs along the path to the edge of the wall through the water. At the end of the East lane and the West lane is the Piggyback route, this is an easy half way to get back to the parking lot. The West-mile route has an elevation of 100,000 feet, because the same route and climbing the trail can be difficult. The paved path is very narrow and covered with loose rocky slopes, not to mention the roots and strides steadily across the path. For the first mile, it's a slippery slope where one will get 9,440 feet high. Walking on the floor is easy & # 39; small.

The Old Santa Fe Trail takes once through Historic Santa Fe. Here is The San Miguel Chapel, the oldest church in the United States. The Cathedral Basilica and Loretto Chapel are within a short distance of each other. Santa Fe plaza is located in the center of this historic district with many shops and restaurants to enjoy.

Canyon Road, just a few blocks from Santa Fe history is a place where one can find all kinds of art that the heart desires. The road is a half mile walk, and here you will find 100 restaurants and restaurants.